Sunday, 10 October 2021

Revisiting the KFC

 Some links to earlier Karl Frederick County-

The name Hornig was chosen as they were pork butchers in this area. I still see their vans around Edinburgh, often with a haggis on the van as decoration.My forebears came over from Germany around 1900, both sides of the family that is. They had pork butchers well known in Edinburgh and connections to others in the trade in the North of England. 

Having got my Hessians painted ( by Northumbrian Painting Services) l have sent off for American Militia from Fife & Drum miniatures to have a go at painting myself. Incidentally does anyone know of other manufacturers compatible in size to them? 


  1. I notice that your Infantry musicians are missing one important instrument, often thought to have been invented in the 19th century by Adolph Sax - it was in fact first invented by the Hessians in the 18th Century and known as the Hessian Sax.

    I'm sure there's a Wikipedia entry to back me up on this

    1. Most interesting Mark! I will post pics of my 18th century military band soon…

  2. Crann Tara fit in well with both F&D and Minden. The F&D militia are nice figures, I have a couple of units half painted, the Continentals are really nice as well. CT do a fair few figures that work well for militia in the AWI as well from their French Indian War range.

  3. Wot Donnie says!
    You may remember that I incorporated some of the CT FIW figures in my Manchester Regiment.

  4. Hope I am not posting this twice, but Crann Tara, Eureka, Black Hussar, Suren (Willie), Jackdaw, and Holger Eriksson figures all work well together on the tabletop when kept in distinct units. Very similar in size and proportion. Hope this helps.

    Kind Regards,


  5. Wot Ronnie and Donnie both said. And what Stokes said about Eureka, too.


  6. Thanks Eric, good to see everyone agrees.