Saturday, 2 October 2021

St Mawes

 Thursday saw the return of the rain but as I had planned to meet up with friends ( Ian R-L who l hadn’t seen for over twenty years and Mark MofT who l last saw pre COVID) in the morning in Truro and in the evening in Falmouth. It was great to catch up and enjoyable conversations ensued. The weather was rather relentless but thanks to purchases earlier in the week l was better equipped. 

Friday saw a return to good weather and my daughter and I took a boat out to St Mawes village. It was a lovely day and a great place to explore. Can I recommend the Da Barra cafe as a great place to eat. St Mawes has a Tudor fort  which is very similar to the one at Pendennis. Being great weather we just enjoyed the beach and harbour leaving the fort for another trip.


  1. It’s beautiful down there. I was down in Falmouth two years ago but didn’t make it to St Mawes. I was last there in the late 80s I guess. Had a swim around the boats moored in St Mawes harbour.

    All that and time with friends and your daughter. Good week!

  2. Good to have caught up and talked Toy Soldiers in rainy Falmouth!
    Safe journey back to sunny Scotland.

    1. It was indeed and I enjoyed seeing the gigs in action too.
      Thank you.