Friday 2 December 2022

Odds and ends

 Some odds and ends in terms of photos-

This year’s Advent Calendar which resides in the kitchen. As tradition demands each daughter has their own wee one.

A visit to the Lewis Chess men en route to my course yesterday.
A messy, or perhaps most busy game photo. Cards dictate order of moving , firing etc.

Always time for breakfast and a wee read. 

The sorry sight of a boarded up Filmhouse where I once spent many happy hours.


  1. A bitter-sweet post, given the ending.

  2. Yes, a real medley of a post! I very much empathise with your last picture; in my home town the cinema I used to frequent has been boarded up for years and is a sorry sight now too. It was a magical place in the 1960s!



  3. Great little post a bit of everything. And why not, enjoy everyday the simple little pleasures are the best. Quinn