Tuesday 21 March 2023

Blue Remembered Bay

 I left this comment on Man of Tin’s blog-

“Mother’s Day is a day where l remember my daughters’ mum more than mine and try and support them through the day .
My mother tolerated my toy soldiers as well as playing Subuteo cricket with me. She created the first imagination for me called “Blue Bay” where a blue towel spread on the table was water and rice or fish dressing was something for my diggers and truck to move around. The corgi water skier set sailed on the blue towel sea.”

The Blue Bay imagination was created in the long afternoons in my preschool days when I returned from my kindergarten l went to in the morning. Incidentally have the kindergarten to blame/ thank for my abiding interest in fantasy. We sang lots of songs and did dances about dwarves etc for it was a Steiner influenced place 

The post is to be found at the link below and is well worth a read


This got me remembering that on holidays in later years , when I was around ten or so, we went to Blausee in Switzerland and Blue Pool in Dorset-



I am going to take Mark’s advice and integrate “Blue Bay” into my gaming in some shape or form , watch this space…


  1. Ah so many memories. Mine is of Lego tanks guarding the 'Queen' in her tin plate car with metal and plastic Britains guardsmen. I had no actual figure of the Queen so she was imagined. The ambushers were WW2 Germans even though Elizabeth was not yet Queen! Lone Star desert and Timpo Germans with strange pot helmets as well as, maybe, Timpo Confederates pretending to be the same rolled tombola marbles from cannons and smashed pieces off the tanks.

    1. Really enjoyed reading of your memories. Sounds great fun with great imagination playing an important part.
      Alan Tradgardland

  2. Lovely memories to have. Lovely memories created by your mother.
    Have never heard of Blue Pool before, even though Dorset is one of my favourite places to visit.

  3. Thanks. They are. A potential new place for you to visit…
    Alan Tradgardland