Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A bargain...

Jan and I popped up to the local garden centre this afternoon. An enjoyable coffee was had as well as some plants etc purchased . I saw the following in the Christmas sale-
Half price ( six pounds) for 21 trees of assorted sizes.Here are the contents of the above pack after opening and displayed with some 40mm vikings on the table top.
I am delighted with my purchase.
Tomorrow my regular opponent and his wife come over for a meal,prior to which we will get a game in while the women chat/go for coffee. My VBCW Welsh nationalists will take the field against the Liverpool Free State. This year I do hope to game more regularly both solo and against opponents.


  1. What a great find!

    My local garden centre is closed at the moment, but I will look out for similar packs of trees in local shops that were selling Christmas decorations.

    All the best,


  2. That is a great find and I most have a look in mine to see if there is any goodies to be had.

    Good luck with the game tomorrow

  3. Brilliant find... sadly we didn't have these in stock at work, or I would have bagged some myself. If you are in the Centre again, could you grab me a couple of bags as well, and I will reimburse you? (Don't go out of your way) They will be great for a snowy battlefield I have planned.