Friday, 4 January 2013

How grim was my Valley...

The game yesterday was a splendid start to 2013 gaming. All did not go to plan for the Welsh in turn two when two mortars were deployed  and subsequently destroyed by hmg fire.All that frenetic scratch building of the previous day gone to pot..
Here are a few shots to click in for a good look-
The Nationalists advance towards to LFS positions...
An aerial view of Ivor the Engine leading the assault.
The Fast cyclists and Hunt cavalry about to be confronted by LFS debussing.

First and Second T.A companies retreat through the woods after a firefight across hedges.
The debussed infantry were dealt with by Ivor and their transport was used as cover by advancing Nationalists
The Battalion Headquarters company ( complete with Chaplin,sniper and standard,not to mention the half French/half Welsh C.O in his splendid Cavalry uniform) attempts to rally the Chapel Militia...
A final photo of the jubilant Liverpool Free State commander after the Welsh conceded defeat and melted away into the hills. A fun game using Brigadier £8 rules from Solway which give a satisfactory and enjoyable game. More LFS units are on my friend's painting table and I have some plans to raise a unit from Caldey Island and a "one shot wonder" weapon made from a battery of organ pipes donated by the Bethesda Chapel. I fear it will be more dangerous to the firers but we shall wait and see.
Finally any of you chaps collecting/considering VBCW ,do share your plans...


  1. Great stuff there sir!
    Part of my VBCW plans this year is to expand my Welsh nationalist forces.

  2. A cracking game, sir! A shame your mortars bit the dust early, but I think every gamer knows 'tis the fate of all new units on the table for the first time. ;)

    My hope for this year is to expand my 10mm AVBCW collection to include BUF (Boo! Hiss!) and Anglican League forces. I also hope to get more buildings made to the scale.

  3. Sorry to hear about the defeat my friend but at least you had a good news with good company and its that what counts and winning the next time, lol

  4. Hello Alan, bing a sometime Hibernian I have it in mind to try out a Fenian band stiffened with some Spartacist veterans (landed by submarine?) against the dreaded Black and Tan. All done in the best possible taste and in 54mm of course.

    I just have to finish scratching this pesky C18th itch first, perhaps when I get a few Jacobites out of the way I'll feel more inclined to go modern!

    Best wishes, Brian