Monday, 21 January 2013

Fury of the Northmen (9th/10th century Tradgardlanders I suppose...)

Across the snow covered land they came,following their mounted chief and his Raven banner. Through the  forest they came in search of gold and slaves.

They hoped their foe's guard would be down in this season of frost ,snow and ice.

Meanwhile ,ahead in the forest,wait Saxon scouts alert for any movement or sound in the forest. Suddenly they hear labouring of men in snow cursing and stumbling as they come.
To be continued...
Please vote now on if the Scouts will be seen by the Vikings- see right hand side for poll...


  1. Lovely primary colours. There's a bit of a "Prince Valiant" vibe going on there.

  2. Figures are Expeditionary Force from Signapore.They come prepainted!
    I added the banner and have converted one or two by swopping hands and weapons.

  3. Great figures. Perhaps the Saxons are muttering
    "Ne sceole ge swa softe sinc gegangan;
    us sceal ord and ecg ær geseman,
    grim guðplega, ær we gofol syllon."

  4. Great figures there Alan and what make for they. I have some of GB Vikings and Saxons to do and thanks I now I got to get my finger out.

  5. Nice figures and colors!