Sunday, 6 January 2013


Today is the Epiphany. At church this morning sang about the coming of the Wisemen/Kings and marked the end of the Christmas season.I believe in the past the season extended to Candlemass (2nd Feb) which took everyone well towards spring.
Today also marks the end of my holidays and I dread my return to work tomorrow.
Today seems a good time to thank you all for journeying with me in 2012 on my blog and to thank you too for the pleasure/inspiration your blogs have given me.
This is a good time also to think about my hobby journeying this year. So here are some thoughts-
1) 18th Century- French Indian War ( including Ny Tradgardland) using Muskets and Tomahawks rules
                        - Tradgardland's  foray into Borduria
                        - potentially some skirmishing with Slydavia and Borduria
2) Anglo-Saxons v Norse in 40mm using Tidders simple rules with possibly some tinkering to represent shieldwalls etc
3) Continue VBCW expanding forces and possibly do some skirmishing with the forthcoming rules from Solwaycraft and Miniatures
4) My old school Mythical Earth collecting and gaming
5) Some Portable Wargames games - ideal when energy and time are in short supply.
6) NWF,ACW and possibly Napoleonic
Gosh that's a lot and I haven't even mentioned Funny Little Wars. Still nothing set in stone merely possible stopping off points on the journey.Sounds fun does it not?


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It's always a pleasure.

    Yes, does sound like fun. Lots of ideas, projects, games, to keep one's interest and enjoyment going. And like you said, it's good to have options for when energy and time are in short supply.

  2. Thanks for all the interesting posts last year. Here's to 2013; cheers!

  3. A promising year ahead, I look forward to reading all about it. Good luck with work, just keep thinking of all the wargaming goodness to keep you going.