Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Books and an update...

Back home from work this evening and the postman has called. He brought two books.The first was a book by Common Ground about the idea of Parish Maps- individual communities  and their attempts to map a local area showing that which is important to them.Secondly a novel which I was recommended to read by Paul of Funnylittlewars /Borduria Calling fame.I will start one tonight hopefully.
No painting at the weekend apart from working on painting part of my late mother's flat. Too tired for hobby stuff tonight and will chill.The 4ground French Indian War building arrived and looks good but will require a clear mind and is for another day.Plans are afoot for some North west frontier gaming but it will probably wait until half term...


  1. The 4ground buildings are very good ! have some myself - easy to put together BUT you need to follow the instructions carefully !

  2. Looking forward to the 4ground and interesting book about mapping.Keep us posted ... Jeff