Sunday, 13 January 2013


It's two in the morning... well between six and seven on Sunday morning actually but it has the Leonard Cohen vibe that the song has if you know what I mean. I have finished the Weekly Plans,emailed them to myself and safely saved them -huzzah!
Yesterday whilst uptown ( uptown means the shops in Dunfermline whilst into town would mean going to Edinburgh-I  could even confuse myself) yesterday with Jan I bought the above reading material.I don't buy all the glossy mags but if something catches my eye I will purchase it.In this case it was articles about Charles the Bold - a longtime,ongoing interest of mine.The other articles are interesting too and it was a good read.
I finally succumbed to this Osprey in light of my current french Indian War vibe .A good read,great piccies and much inspiration.Incidently Brigadier General John Forbes lived in Dunfermline for part of his life.Plans for today are a little up in the air dependent on weather etc.Have a good Sunday whatever ou do.


  1. Wellt hat depresses me, you guys are so lucky to be able to just wander into town and buy books such as these, I could pull all the book shops in Christchurch (New Zealand) and never hope to have such wonderful finds.
    Worse still I just can not happen to drop into your place and have a good read of your books over a coffee.
    Hope you enjoy them they look excellent reads according to Mr Google.


  2. Just arrived at work with a promising sun on the horizon, so should be a better day than yesterday. I too have always been keen on the Burgundians...but painting the heraldry has scared me off,
    enjoy the day