Thursday, 3 January 2013

Put out more flags of the geography of the imagination

6.48 a.m
One of the things I enjoy about 1938 VBCW is the research people put into to it.Background knowledge,historical detail and local/national/international "might have beens" are all mixed into a glorious melting pot. I enjoy this kind of research for my League of St Andrew writing and my background to English Mistery as an outre player for power in the world of 1938.
However there is also the sheer fun side. That was what I was doing last night armed with an on-line Welsh English Dictionary and a list of names based upon a map created by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin for their fantastic Ivor the Engine animation.Here is the result -some Welsh Nationalist Flags-
From left to right-
Rev R.S Thomas holding the flag of the Llangubbin Fast Cycles aka the Llangubbin Cycle Touring Club
The flag of the Grumbly and District Choral Society Militia
The flag of the Bethesda Chapel Militia
The flag of the 2nd Company of the Llaniog T.A
The flag of the second Company of th Llaniog T.A
The flag of the Tan-y-Gwleh Hunt

All rendered quickly with pen .paper and watercolours. I might or might not replace them with computer generated ones some time.Anyway here they are ready for the fray this afternoon. Incidently they will be aided by Ivor the Engine -turned by the local railway workers into a steam powered tank and a light mortar group carried on pack mules...
Here is a copy of the map for you to enjoy-
Have good day one and all...


  1. Will you be having a figure of 'Jones the Spy'? - referring to a very old joke though I forget where I heard it. Fancy subordinating Ivor the engine, you'll be invading the Island of Sodor next!

  2. Nice work. I hope to get back to AVBCW soon.

  3. nice ideas for the flags,

    the Ivor the Engine map is great - will provide inspiration for the re-build of my garden railway

    -- Allan

  4. Alan they are great flags and I wish you well with your game. Whata great idea to use the world of Ivor

  5. Thanks for the comments chaps.
    Ivor has been given pride of place in the nationalist forces.I did wonder about the elephant as a means of transport but stopped short.
    AJ looking forward to your plans in an interesting underrated scale.
    Allan I look forward to seeing the railway.I have always fancied live steam in the garden but the price has put me off.
    Panzerkaput ,any thoughts about using the young lady of the manor in a unit yet? perhaps she could be of a different political persusuaion and bring a squad/co of her new chums with her...

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