Friday, 18 January 2013

Base fellows etc

The weekend at last.I spent ages trying to get by bus and delayed train to a course this afternoon on to find it not on.Still I cannot grumble as many of you have had terrible snow just recently.For us it is merely a smattering at present and impacted in no way on my journey
Thanks  for the fauna ideas-I will act upon them this weekend I think.It is quite frustrating in a way - for example I really like the Pulp miniatures Big Foot but the postage for one figure makes it not viable.
The Mega miniatures look good and loads of other tempting figures too.
Anyway  on to my main reason for posting- Mythical Earth figures basing. I am wondering if I like the simple green card look.I wonder if a juxtaposition between the simple figures and a more scenic style of basing would look good.Before I try it out let me know what you think...

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  1. Always tricky deciding how to base. How about plain card or mdf (from warbases) painted green and then hightlighted with lighter green and browns so you maintain the retro look of a plain base but make it more interesting with diffeerent colours.