Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Fauna not Flora- help sought

Evening all!
The flora is taken care of in part by the trees I bought but I now looking for the fauna.
I am looking for suggestions for manufacturers of 28mm  North American/Canadian wildlife  for use in my French Indian Wars games- bears,wolves etc. Also any ideas for Big Foot and other appropriate mythological figures appreciated.
many thanks


  1. Alan,

    I have never bought anything from them, but an ebay store by the name of MegaMiniatures has all kinds of animals of the kind you are looking for.


  2. Foundry also has quite a range of animals, including North American bears (grizzly, and black), wolves, mountain lions, coyotes, bison, etc.
    Not sure about sasquatches (you might also look for yeti's as a substitute, or various forms of apish monsters from various companies.)

  3. Hi,

    The old HLBS Canadian range was bought by Tiger miniatures I think. I have there bear, mountain lion and Wolves.
    Newline designs do a small range of wierd west figs.

  4. You can pick up old plastic Britains bears and moose (mooses?) on ebay pretty cheaply (especially if they are not listed as Britains, but just 'plastic bear' etc.

  5. As for wild life Megaminis propose a wide choice.

    Reaper miniatures have several yetis / Sasquatchs.

  6. Check out your local toy and dollar-type stores.

    They usually have bags of inexpensive plastic animals (and often loose ones as well). Many will be the wrong size, but you may well find some that are perfect . . . and the wrong-sized ones can be given to young children.

    -- Jeff