Sunday, 27 October 2013

A little light conversion work...

 Sunday morning earlyish  ,after the Clocks went back...
As a boy my pride and joy were my Elastolin figures.I didn't have that many .The first came from a holiday in Switzerland around 1970- including some Composition ones of "Modern" Swiss soldiers.They (the plastic ones) were added to from a Chap who sold them in the UK.who  produced a typed list which I poured over along with a coloured leaflet from  abroad.I think they were quite expensive relatively speaking.My dad would  order a few for me at a time and they arrived by post in wee grey cardboard boxes- often birthdays and Christmas. Eventually a castle was got one Christmas- probably from Jenners in Edinburgh? I had some Romans etc in 40mm but mainly what I called Swiss  v Landsknechts. The "Swiss" were the armoured figures and fought against the colourful and exotic Landsknechts commanded by a splendid mounted figure Georg von Frundsberg. Exotic characters and names in a catalogue for a smallish boy...
The castle went as part of downsizing years ago along with some figures but many remain.I found this broken chap ( one of the "Swiss" the other day and have repaired /converted him for use -
He was missing a hand and sword.I replaced them with one from the Perry 28mm plastic box of  European mercenaries which looked not too bad scale wise.He was glued to a 2p coin and Milliput added for to the base.Finally ( so far) his damaged shield was cut off and replaced by a card/paper construction to represent a faceted  metal shield to look like this one made by reenactors- 
I am still considering trying to change the lower legs to boots but have not completely decide yet.Any guesses as to what the figure will be and his period?


  1. He looks rather spanish sword & buckler-ish, whether conquistador or Italian wars but the possibilities are wide. Looks good so far.

  2. Very nice. Thanks for reminding me about the clocks as well. Completely slipped past us .