Friday, 11 October 2013

The Scottish highlands (almost) - a Stout Hearts and Willing Swords battle

I didn't feel like painting today so I have set up a game to use with Ross's "Stout hearts and willing swords" rules.I have used them already with my 40mm vikings.Now to give them another go with my 28mm figures. It was set up on the dining room table as follows-

A Clan battle of the 16th century like any other you may say but this one is a little different...
Strange creatures have lined up with the one of the clans to resist the invaders.They are the original inhabitants of the glen...
Firstly the Fachan- malevolent one legged,one eyed giant-

Next the kelpie or water-horse-
Finally the shy, solitary fey that is the urisk
The invaders are deployed as in the following picture-
Will they win the coming battle or not ?I hope to play the scenario out today or tomorrow,do pop back and see what happens...


  1. Nice little set up, I really like the hills. I always fancies doing a faerie/folklore type army or warband. Who made the Fachan figure?

    1. You'll find him here-
      Thanks for the positive comments!

    2. The inspiration, I do believe.

  2. I'll get in line to say that I love the hills. This looks like an interesting encounter, I'm looking forward to seeing how you handle the original inhabitants. This song's not about a kelpie per se and it comes from an area no longer part of Scotland but it does have a witch who emerges from a lake as a jet black mare and a knight with a rowan shield. Witch of the Westmoreland

  3. On the subject of Kelpie songs, try Jethro Tull