Monday, 21 October 2013

reading matters-

Monday morning early.
Popping in with Jan today for the delayed Chemo 2 ( hopefully) this morning. I have packed my rucksack-
The reality is a little more practical if less fun.

As ever we take a variety of magazines and books to pass the time. Today I have packed the following- Toy Soldier Collector magazine- inspiration for those 54mm projects,Songs of Blades and Heroes rules - get the mechanisms into my head and some warbands created on paper ( when I return to work very soon I will need a small scale project/game to work with as time/energy will be limited) the whole of Charles Grant's Meccano magazine "Battle Practical Wargames" articles printed out.I want to read the last chapters again and also look at the illustrations as inspiration for the Duchy of Volare- Cantare project.The last item is my moleskin notebook where I jot down hobby ideas.I refer to it often and ideas are not lost into the ether nor forgotten.Project ideas are recorded here to use later,perhaps even months or years later.
So I am all set .Finally a picture of our bookshelf which used to be a fireplace but was beyond redemption.However it looks great and works well for books-
Have a good Monday morning one and all!


  1. Morning. Hope all goes well today and time does not hang too heavy at the hospital.
    I like the idea of a moleskin notebook....I have trousers in moleskin but not a book. Flora celtica looks interesting and as a footnote, years ago the plant nursery I used to work for had real problems getting payment from a lady gardening author whose volume is on your shelf, long before she became famous (and presumably well off).

    1. Flora Celtica is well worth a look,most interesting and informative. Interesting anecdote re an author.
      Long day at hosp but that's us a third of the way thru the course of chemos mow...

  2. Hope the chemo's not too rough on the good lady. I've had many a day (and night) with my own good lady in such circumstances. Make sure you look after yourself too.

    I'm a big fan of the Songs of ........ mechanism, especially Drums and Shakos.

    Always carry my moleskine too for jotting notes into.

    1. Thanks for advice. re me and it was quite a heavy day for Jan,treatment seems to be less of a straightforward road for her this time round compared with 3 years ago for her.
      I have SD&S too.Have you ever used it for SYW gaming at all?

    2. Only SYW in America and have also used it for American War of Independence and Indian Mutiny.

      SYW skirmish in Europe is one I hope to get going over Christmas. Yet to decide on eastern or western theatres. Austrian v Turks would be pretty

    3. ......on another topic. If you haven't come across Vita Sackville West's gardening books they are well worth a read. Old fashioned but charming.

  3. I hope all goes smoothly with the best of possible outcomes. I

    n the meantime, looks like a good selection of reading material.

    1. Cheers Ross!
      I try to take stuff I can dip in and out off..
      Hobby things can be a useful distraction and diverting in a positive way.
      As it was got less read than I thought but interesting nevertheless.

  4. Adding my best wishes to you and your wife!
    I have some of the "Songs of" and I do like them, although sometimes it takes a while to actually take out/down an opponent.
    Nice little shelf of books, too.

    1. Thanks Fitzbadger!
      Do you garden as a hobby at all?

  5. Me? No, gardening is too much like work. I'd just as soon leave it to those who enjoy it.

    (I'm not sure that came out right... ha ha)

    But seriously, I cultivate books! You should see how my library grows! I even weed it out every now and then.