Thursday, 31 October 2013

Battle of Twin Farms, an interlude...

Yesterday I went looking for some inspiration for the forthcoming solo game on my bookshelves-
From left to right- "From Dusk to Dawn" is a book first published in 1945 by the farmer,writer,journalist etc A G Street.and is an enjoyable entertaining read filled with memorable characters.The Pocket Book was got relatively recently when seen  remaindered in a bookshop in Edinburgh.A good background read. Finally the first book I bought about the Home Guard many ,many moons ago.There are many pictures in it which would inspire gaming and modelling as well as being a good read.
Finally a book published  relatively recently and an utterly splendid read. Most interesting,entertaining and thought provoking too.
Any suggestions for other reads welcome here too...


  1. Have you read 'The Last Ditch'? about the auxiliary units who were to be left in hideouts behind enemy lines, to come out and wreak havoc. There was also a little booklet, (name escapes me but it's on my shelf somewhere) about there little dens.
    I found out about them when the book was originally published years ago, and discovered that my primary school headmaster was designated as a local leader.