Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Reading Matters/Desert Island Reading/Nostalgia

I had a useful and enjoying morning sorting through old files and magazines,extracting things I wished to keep and recycling the rest.I ended up with a lever arch file packed to the brim with articles I had forgotten about.I look forward to reading them again and the pleasure and hobby ideas they will give. It is a heady  mix from a variety of magazines which now has the shelves looking much neater and far more fun to browse in. I also was looking at this influential book from my early wargaming days-
By the way on page 115 you will see a picture of the type of  Airfix cottage referred to a couple of posts ago.
The inside front and back covers have charts and annotations from more years ago than I care to mention.I can't recall where I got the content from but they are scribbled in my youthful hand.They pertain to acw games especially I played with Airfix figures at the time.Here is an example-

I was musing too about my Desert Island  choice of hobby book and felt this would be a most definitely a contender.Why? I think because of the delightfully old school pictures,range of periods covered and simple rules I could use with stones from the island beaches as troops.
Do leave a comment below and let us know what you would choose and why.


  1. Interesting post (and a startling new blog background). I remember seeing this book about somewhere, but don't think I have ever read it. For my choice of book....very tricky. Probably 'Brendon Chase' by BB. Not only a beautifully written book and great story, but full of survival tips which could prove useful.

  2. I bought my copy in a second hand bookshop in Canterbury (first year at university), but had read it many (many) times as a loan from the library - I must hoik it out for another read..... this, or Wargames, would be a good desert island choice - but I guess I have enough background now to make my own rules up so maybe anything BIG would be better - more to read!

  3. I have this somewhere in the loft.
    My desert island book would have to be Charge"
    Interesting comments from Springinsfeld - I'm a great fan of BB's books, great writer and artist.