Wednesday 9 December 2015


On a torrential rain filled day in the Duchy my eldest daughter arrived home for Christmas ( with her boyfriend who is stopping here en route to England) having finished this term's work.
These two arrived in the post-
Background reading for some forthcoming gaming with the 40mm semi flats...
Another parcel needed to be collected too-
Bloody Day (formerly known as Vendel) miniatures from across the Atlantic to be used for some Middle Earth gaming with Dragon Rampant. The charming giant (pictured) reminds me of the illustrations of Pauline Baynes which I loved as a boy and still do.
He will be a joy to paint.


  1. Great giant...I have been re-reading the Narnia books recently. My favourite is the Silver Chair. Plenty of wargaming opportunity in all of them.

  2. Nice arrivals all around!
    The giant is cool. Looks very traditional to me. Pauline Baynes' illustrations of Tolkien's work are the ones I'm most familiar with and they do have that look.

  3. The NW Rebellion is a fascinating subject. In 1985 I was driving W to E across Canada that summer and planned a route that took me through present day Saskatchewan, as it was the centennial year. At the time all of the principal sites, including Batoche a National Park, were quite unspoiled. The NW Rebellion is now among the earliest battle honours of some Canadian Army regiments, though the status of Louis Riel has changed from traitor and villain then to martyr and aboriginal icon today. Pierre Berton's popular history of the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway has a good chapter on the Rebellion, describing how troops went as far west as they could on the unfinished track, and then at the end of the line had to march across Manitoba in wintertime to get to the area of operations. Stirring stuff. Plains Indians and Metis vs Mounties, old British Army warhorse generals, fancy city militia regiments in their red coats, American volunteer cowboy roughriders ... wow. Who says Canadian history is dull?
    I love that ilustration - the giants look so friendly.