Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Dragon Rampant first games.

Yesterday I played my first game of  Dragon Rampant. In good faith I had meant to read the rules thoroughly before the game but I had not got round to it. I just managed to scribble on some roster sheets prior to Richard's coming - yesterday had run away from me.
We played two games- one with my ME figures and one with his GW ones-
The wolves come snarling into contact.
The wolves flee the field.

Trolls in background,Uruks take the fight to the horsemen who lost in the end. I had not bothered to check points values and the horsemen were not "beefed up " enough in terms of add ons to their Heavy horse definition. Even the hero in a reduced unit as Elite Horse could not prevail. A good fun game though I lost.
In the second game we were obviously a little better acquainted with the mechanisms of the rules. I commanded the dwarfs.-
The dwarfs await the wolf riders...
The trolls flee the dwarf bowmen and the orc berserkers run from the field.
All in all a most enjoyable afternoon.The rules delivered in a pleasing "old school" way and deserve further study from me to add subtleties the rulebook has to offer. I would recommend you to give them a go ,you'll certainly not regret it.In fact they will I think provide a renaissance in fantasy gaming. 


  1. Really enjoyed the games Alan. Hope to play again before too long.

  2. Finally managed to make a comment on blogger!

  3. 2 great games...well done both of you!

  4. Sounds good , haven't got around to playing a game yet , Tony

  5. Sound like terrific games, Alan. They make me want to get a game in with Dragon Rampant as soon as possible.
    Cheers and happy new year to you!

  6. Looking good Alan. The rules obviously give a good snappy game.