Monday, 28 December 2015

Tolkien for Dragon Rampant...

I wondered how people had defined the Nazgul,Ringwraiths,Uruk Hai etc for Dragon Rampant? I started a thread on Lead Adventure about this and got this reply from Sun Jester-

"Funny enough, I've just been thinking about the same thing.

So far I've just been looking at the assorted orcs and haven't thought about more powerful things like Nazgul yet
One thing is, do you judge the stats by the actual figure, or what it is representing in Middle Earth? Most orc models are substantially larger than their book equivalent. I've decided to go with how they are represented in the actual books, ignoring their relative size to standard men.So I am thinking so far:
Orc chieftain/leader with bodyguard, Heavy offensive foot.
Large orcs
If access to good armouries (Mordor Uruks, Isengard Uruk-hai etc) either Heavy offensive foot or Bellicose foot with Shiny Armour.
Otherwise, Bellicose foot
Soldier orcs ("average" sized orcs), Light offensive foot, can be mixed weapons.
Snaga (little orcs), Light offensive foot and Fearful, can be mixed weapons.
Possibly have the odd unit of Orc archers, Scouts."

Any other thoughts appreciated for the  above, Beorn etc etc...

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  1. I am still waiting on my copy of Dragon Rampant to arrive so I haven't really thought about unit strengths and special effects as yet. I am also considering Middle Earth as a background for this game although I wasn't considering anything powerful than the Olog Hai, I suppose time will tell on this one though. It will be interesting to see how the thread on the LAF develops over time.

    Cheers, Ross