Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Organising and rebasing for Dragon Rampant

Decided to rebase my Mythical Earth chaps for Dragon Rampant-
Firstly the Rohirrim above - 3 x Heavy riders (one with bows) and a reduced unit with hero.
Next the opposition-
Trolls-Heavy foot, orc scouts- as scouts and Uruk -Hai as Bellicose foot (probably the best category- what do you think.
Ancient figures, new rules ,huzzah I say!


  1. Must get around to sorting out my forces in the New Year, Tony

  2. I like the look of your MiniFig cavalry in the first picture. I've got many of them in my Medieval, SYW, American Revolution, and Napoleonic armies.


  3. Good work...I still haven't had time to read the rules yet.

  4. I love the Rohirrim. They look quite as Tolkien described them. Chaps with spears and bows in mail shirts on handsome horses. Spot on.
    My copy of Dragon Rampant just arrived - Amazon put it in enough packing material to ship a small dragon. I blame you for making me want it. :)
    First impressions are quite positive.

  5. And then there's always the glory bonus for the veteran figures. My brother just handed me a bag of MEs which I haven't inventoried...