Thursday, 17 December 2015


Having returned home to a letter from Parcel Force requiring me to pay £15 customs before I can get my 40mm Jacobites I am less than happy. I paid over the phone - a tedious button pressing/waiting excercise. They will hopefully come tomorrow...
Anyhow I have been getting in a Jacobite mood of late-
 I am enjoying it but find it a tad depressing at times and do not like to see the noble Brutus debased. I live near/visit many of the places used in the filming and that is fun too. I would be interested in what you all made of the programme.
I also have been doing some reading-
 to aid painting and get a flavour again of the times. Handy what one can find on the Osprey shelf  here in the Duchy.
Magazine at the right arrived today and is a most enjoyable read from the USA which has become a firm favourite with me.


  1. I would recommend the new book by Dr Christopher Duffy about the Jacobite Wars, currently its a good price on Amazon, so worth considering.

  2. Always fancied a 'Garden Railway' , Tony

  3. Agreed about garden railways - I doubt I'd ever get around to it, but they look cool.
    I haven't seen Outlander (is it a movie or a tv series?), but I do enjoy Scottish history, culture, landscape, etc.

  4. I can put up with the customs charge, it's the handling fee I object to...grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  5. I sympathise about the customs charge,I was stung regularly until someone mentioned that parcels valued at less than (I think it was £75) usually got away with it - too much trouble to process.

  6. I've enjoyed the first season of Outlander and need to catch up on the entire second season. The show has a terrific villain.

  7. Well, I did declare a value of less than 75 pounds, and marked it as a gift. They must have revenue targets to meet for the day...:-P