Saturday, 26 December 2015


We all had a good day at my Sister-in law's in Edinburgh for a enjoyable  family Christmas with singing,games and good food etc. It was preceded by Church in Dunfermline and present opening. I was happy not to have lead as presents from the girls as I have loads to be getting on with-
I was delighted with a cafetiere in Tradgardland colours, a dvd about a female gardener at the court of Louis xiv , a home made book token to spend , a lovely box of matches and a beautifully illustrated copy of the Snow Queen.
In the greater family secret santa ( three ideas given and you get one of them)  I got the book I most wanted-
Today we three are cooking Christmas dinner at home (on Boxing Day) basing Mythical Earth Figures, reading and having a quiet day together.


  1. Sounds lovely! Merry Christmas! I hope your Boxing Day feast is tasty...

  2. Merry Christmas, Alan. Nice presents there.

  3. What a great collection. The film sounds good..... I'd be interested in hearing about it from a professional point of view. David Jones- great artist and poet.