Tuesday 22 December 2015

Oh Christmas tree !

We put up our tree the other day-
We have had it a few years now and it has survived another year of growing in a pot in the garden.
Here is a decoration that has been on family trees since the 1920s-


  1. A fine specimen of Abies nordmanniana from the Duchy forests, and a nice little heirloom.

  2. It's good to keep up the family traditions. My sister-in-laws partner has his (grown) children help dress the tree. When they were young one was asked to "hang the fairy from the tree", so he did! Now every year the poor fairy has a noose round her neck!!
    Best wishes for the season, and the next twelve months.

  3. A lovely tradition and tree.

  4. Very lovely. is that a Norfolk pine?

    1. At the risk of gatecrashing Alan's blog, it's a Nordmann Fir, native to Turkey, the Caucuses, and Armenia. Widely used as Christmas tree here in Blighty (and I dare say elsewhere).......

  5. Very nice- lovely to see a 'Real' Christmas Tree. Merry Christmas Alan.