Thursday, 10 December 2015

Further arrivals

These splendid chaps were waiting for me on my return from work today-
Some High Command mounted and dismounted,including the exotic zebra riders!
General infantry and some bandsmen in the bottom left hand corner.
A further view of the band...
Two enigmatic figures which I assume represent radio operators. What do you think?


  1. Splendid. That Bandmaster is a determined fellow, striding forward. I think the last two chaps are smoking large Meerschaum pipes, maybe??

  2. Nice to see a steady flow of toys into the Duchy. I too thought they might be puffing on pipes.

  3. I thought they might be old-fashioned dictaphones... ha ha

    Those zebra riders must have some grit! Zebras are notoriously difficult to tame/train.

  4. The picture is too dark for me to see details but it looks like a bandsman carrying not playing a brass horn of some sort, a Flugelhorn, French horn, Euphonium etc. I can't make out the details.

  5. I will try and get a better picture at the weekend of the pipes,instrument or telephone chaps.
    The end of the piece of equipment does appear to go into the figure's ear...

  6. That German officer in the pointy helmet looks excellent. Where will they be seeing action?