Monday 30 November 2020

It’s in the trees, it’s coming...

 This was delivered last night quite late and I have just opened it this morning. I have only had a brief look so far and it looks great on first impressions. More later in the week as I read it and maybe try a game or two.

Incidentally the post’s title refers to the delivery man trying to get down my drive, past the hedge  and laburnum tree in the pitch dark.


  1. Geek points - Kate Bush - Title Reference - Ninth Wave / Hounds of Love Album - I really liked the sound engineering and background sound switching from ear to ear on this album. Great on a Walkman.
    Enjoy the book - I look forward to reading / hearing what you think of it.

  2. Ah, Mark beat me to the Kate Bush reference. :) The book looks good.

  3. My copy came yesterday. The siege rules look very interesting, I have never done a siege before. Will certainly give it a try now. Paul

    1. I was intrigued by the siege too. I blame By the sword divided.

  4. One of my favourite song openings...