Thursday 16 February 2023

Abbot’s House

 Yesterday saw me meeting my daughter and my sister in law for coffee in Blend, Abbot’s House. Old Brummie friends always call it the Pink House for obvious reasons. Any way it was good to be back as recent circumstances and one thing or another meant I hadn’t been for weeks. Since l was last there a vintage book section has opened with many interesting books for sale including Ladybird books.l noticed one on Napoleon l had not seen before. Lots of interesting art books too.

The window above is within the building and has a light behind to illuminate it.
Wonder why some folk know the building as The Pink House…
Anyway here is a link to the website-
Do have a look , the War Room is particularly fascinating…
If you’re ever in the area l so would recommend it for coffee and a wee wander about. It is also next door to the splendid museum-

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  1. Maybe three or four miles away and I haven't been! I must rectify that soon.