Friday 24 February 2023

We went down to the river

 Trying some terrain ideas for MLS game- mdf hexes the same size as those on my mat are painted to use as a river with the banks built up with Vallejo Earth Terrain paint. Will see how they look when completed…

Thinking of using the mdf hexes to represent marsh and forest too.


  1. Interesting idea. I've not come across the Vallejo texture before. I use the mix described on the Matakishi Tea site - PVA glue, brown paint and sand. Very cheap to make and easy to use. I often scatter some extra sand on when I've applied it to the base.

    1. Excellent sounding mix Brian. The Vallejo jar has been used by me for ages. I mainly use it for basing especially on individually based figures on one ps. I will have a go at your mix sometime…
      Alan Tradgardland