Sunday 26 February 2023

From Norroway, from Norroway.

 A number of things just aligned- one of my regular opponents bemoaning the lack of regular troops in our VBCW games ( he just doesn’t appreciate scouts with rockets and shotgun armed shooting party not to mention the W.I) watching “Narvik” on tv and this stained glass in Abbot’s House-

So the idea came for an intervention force from Norway in the vbcw , their initial mission to take back the Northern Isles for Norway but then they got mixed up in the fighting more generally…

I looked online found the Great Escape Games Store saw some 1940 Norwegians, ordered them and they arrived very quickly, I think the next day! I just got on with them whilst listening to Scandi History podcast, appropriately enough-

It is a small but powerful force- HQ group, with medic etc, two sections with lmg and rifles, one extra tank bursting section with Molotov cocktails etc, a large mortar and spotter and finally a heavy machine gun. 
I am awaiting the mortar and tank busters but should get them on the table in time for the next scheduled game.


  1. Are the GEG figures 28mm or are all your AVBCW figures a smaller scale??

    1. All are 28mm.
      Alan Tradgardland

  2. Nice addition for you conflict, they look very decent figures.

  3. Thanks, the figures painted up well, l am pleased with them
    Alan Tradgardland