Monday 19 December 2011

House building in Tradgardland...

Having been impressed recently by Tidder's buildings I decided to have a go myself.I resized a photograph,printed it out and glued it to card.It was then scored and cut to size. I am pleased with the results whch will form the edge of the wargaming table and can also be used as a free standing 3D one too.I am pleased with the results.The next stage will be to add different coloured shutters and other details.


  1. Thats really effective. might thing about having a go myself

  2. That works quite well, sir.

    As for my health, Alan, I've had another gout attack (right ankle this time), but I'm about over it, I think/hope. I should be fine before Christmas.

    -- Jeff

  3. Nice bit of 'Blue Peter' work. The tile effect on the roof is quite effective.

    -- Allan