Sunday 18 December 2011

The road less travelled...

After church today we went straight to Blairadam forest ( a few miles north of Dunfermline and run by the Forestry Commission) to buy our Christmas tree. We have been going there for ours the last 14 years give or take a few years when we have used a growing one which is still in the garden in a pot. Here is a photo of the tree back at the Duchy as I forgot to take the camera with us. Blairadam is nearby and the road winds down to the forestry centre through dense woods which the imaginative (me) might perceive to contain boar,bears and other large mammals. We hope to decorate the tree later today and post an image here


  1. Wild Boar in the forest, you have turned into Obelix, lol.

  2. Look forward to seeing the tree decorated. I am currently taking a break in the office from selling Christmas trees today, so far this season we have got rid of about 1000!! Generally good fun, but we get some great questions from the general public. eg "Will this fit in my living room?", and of course 2 families wanting the same tree can be interesting...