Saturday 17 December 2011

Outwith the Imperium camp...

Saturday at last! Went uptown en famile a.m today and did a little shopping but came back prior to the crowds. Jan is at her work lunch today which is being held in a Californian restaurant in Edinburgh.I am too tired to paint effectively and once some ironing etc was done I set up a small game between the Imperium and the Duchy of Tradgardland. The situation was a Tradgardland advance guard coming upon the outskirts of the Imperium army camp unexpectedly. The game was played solo using no rules but ideas thoughts etc from many set informally held in my mind.It was fun ,relaxing and I must do it more often! I enjoyed see the Ducal forces on the table after a too long absence.


  1. A Californian restaurant in Edinburgh, eh? Being a Californian who likes Edinburgh I find this intriguing. lol

    I agree, nice little setup. Interesting how fun it can be to play like that, without strict adherence to some rulesset, more like we did as kids, eh?

    So how did the encounter work out?

  2. I concur: the 18th C. Tradgarlanders have be absent for too long!


  3. Looks like fun Alan! Nice flag on the Tradgardland btn (I think - the chaps in the white coats, the flag is green). Who won the free-style match?


  4. That look like great fun there, i must really try it for myself.