Thursday 1 December 2011

Warg !

The wolves are becoming a menace on the borders of Tradgardland as winter approaches.They decend from the Umstrittental Mountains in search of easy pickings.Here we see a patrol encountering a pack.A well aimed shot ,the wolves depart only to regroup once more under the cover of darkness.


  1. who can say...
    they look big and mean enough...

  2. On the off chance that they are normal critters, there is a fun set of rules for hunting dangerous animals called Mammalian Mayhem.

  3. Alan,

    I just looked at again at the sledge cannon you posted earlier. It is a bit of a hassle of course, but if you can kind a nice small deck gun model, you should be able to fashion the sledge out of card or wood, with perhaps some stiff wire curled up to make the runner.