Thursday 29 December 2011


Another wet and blustery day in Tradgardland. Yesterday was my Mother's 80th birthday and we all went out for lunch with her to celebrate at Mackenzie's restaurant in Colinton, Edinburgh.A convivial time and excellent food was had by all. A busy but enjoyable day was had by us.
Before breakfast I finished the Union Brigade I will need for tomorrow initial acw game using the Foundry rules by David Bickley. I will augment these chaps with cavalry,artillery and further infantry soon.
I am thinking about what projects to do in 2012.I am currently involved in the aforementioned ww1 campaign with Paul of FLW and hope to do one with Jimho of Syldavia. Figures need to be painted for the latter and i would like to augment the forces of Tradgardland from my unpainted metal pile.Much to plan ... It has been here over the last week (not to mention the term just ended) so a quieter day is in order as well as a reread of the rules too.


  1. Hi Alan. Just re-read your comment about topiary, and thought you might have meant inspirational gardens to base your model on rather than making trees etc? Anyhow do an image search for Westbury Court Gardens in Gloucestershire, the dogs danglies for baroque formal water gardens before the slow process of naturalisation crept in. You can just imagine Mr. Neville with his easel among the parterres.