Saturday 31 December 2011

Yesterday's game

Our trial game using the aforementioned new ACW rules went really well yesterday.Jan,Wendy & the girls watched a film (About a boy- excellent well worth seeing if you haven't,one of our favourites) while Phil and I gamed.Afterwards once the lead and plastic were packed away we all ate together. A most agreeable time was had by all.
The rules worked really well and gave us a result with minimal brain ache- something that cannot be often said of rules we have tried for diverse periods.We felt the factors will be easily memorised and the game will flow even quicker in future. We have agreed to try and game more often in 2012. The figures are Foundry,Perry and the odd Dixon for the Union and all Dixon for the Confederacy.All in 28mm.


  1. Looks realy good Alan !

    Best regards dalauppror

  2. Looks a great game and I have a soft spot of ACW and Dixon figures.

  3. Been using these rules for awhile now and have found them simple and easly memorised - a great help as I game this period mostly solo.

  4. Good looking game, ACW games are always nice and linear. As for 28mm topiary, there is dolls house stuff about (a bit big perhaps) or you could try making the shape in milliput adding a stalk if it is a standard tree, letting it set then coating in PVA and dipping in sand or flock. Paint the whole lot dark green and drybrush lighter green.
    Have a Very Happy Hogmanay!!

  5. Looks good and it's great you enjoyed it.

    For some reason I've never been big on some of the more popular eras, like the ACW (and that's probably good; I have enough trouble keeping up on the few eras/genres I do and there are still others I am interested in, but haven't gotten around to).