Thursday 22 December 2011

Put out more flags

Home for the hols from school now- that is me until Jan 9th 2012! We had the Nativity play in church a.m and then a convivial gathering briefly in the staffroom. It is good to be off. I was grateful to a fellow blogger (tinsoldier) for posting the trailer to "The Hobbit" which I had not seen- roll on 14th Dec next year!I can't wait...
Some posts ago Jim (I think) commented upon my flags so I thought I would post on them. The Duchy of Tradgardland's army is comprised ,on the whole, of militia regiments .They are maintained and funded by the Guilds. The flags reflect this - for example in the province of Smaaland they make raquets and balls for tennis,exporting them across Europa.Hence they have this depicted on their flags. Others shown depict the "sun in splendour" badge of the duke.
When I began this blog some years ago I painted my flags( badly on paper) but soon changed over to designing them on the computer and printing them out. I searched in vain for an example of my early efforts to no avail last night to photograph with these more recent ones.


  1. A beautiful set! Yet, I've fond memories of the Golden Herring of Tradgarland...

  2. A wonderful collection of flags.

    Who played the second lobster in the nativity play?

  3. Smashing Sir and lovely. You have great skill with flags. Great designs.

  4. Great flags. Have a good holiday. I am off now for 3 days and then on and off next week so hope to get some painting done.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family
    cheers Mike