Tuesday 13 December 2011

Of Elric and Cooperative Learning...

Well,sadly, my three days Cooperative learning course ended this afternoon. I have rarely been inspired by CPD events in the past but this was different. Inspirational teacher (Chris Ward ,a Canadian) good company and great food provided by the Home Economic students of Tynecastle High School.I return (reluctantly) to the chalkface/trenches with good ideas...

My companion,in the form of a book, on the train journeys was a compendium of Elric novels by Michael Moorcock. I loved his books,read them in my teens & twenties and gave them to Charity ( along with many others of various kinds) when I had to downsize dramatically my book collection many years ago. I have not really picked them up since and was pleasantly surprised how well they read after all this time.I am gripped once more by the character and the creativity of Moorcock.


  1. Glad to hear of your inspirational course. Yes, Elric , and more to the point Rodney Matthews depictions of Elric, every inch of my bedroom walls was covered in cut up Matthews calendars, and the drone of Hawkwinds 'Chronicle of the Black Sword' filled the air. Check out Raven armoury, they are making a version of Stormbringer based on the Matthews paintings. A cool £4k!!

  2. Oh me to.... :o)

    ...I loved his "sentient blade" - whose name escapes me - but whch was a genuinely nasty piece of work.... loved the Hawkmoon, and Corum series as well but like you haven't read them in some time.....

    ...I was a Hawkwind fan as well.. :o))