Saturday 9 December 2023

New rules two and some Medieval Football characters.

 Yesterday we convened at my friend's house to further our exploration of the new ACW rules from Osprey. We liked them and continue to like them. 

The turn sequence is becoming familiar and the factors are being carried in our heads already.
The next step, hopefully prior to Christmas, is to add in some of the advanced rules which add flavour and depth.
We will look at the melee rules also next time too.  I have just posted a few pictures from the game as one of my readers wanted to see a little more of the troops belonging to my friend.
An enjoyable game can be had with these rules and I look forward to using them in the coming year. For me the focus as brigade commander rather than regimental commander is very interesting as well as new.
Real life being busy means that the forthcoming medieval football game may have to wait a few days to play but it will certainly be worth it. Here is a photo of the referee King Noggin, his son Prince Knut who supports Team Red Lion and his Uncle  ( Knut’s Great Uncle) Nogbad the Bad who supports Team Green Man.

I fear that Nogbad the Bad may become more involved than being just a spectator. He has offered himself as coach and has a few dirty tricks up his sleeve. As a result of these rumours Prince Knut has given his time , energy and patronage to the Red Lion Team. Poor Noggin, stuck in the middle, referee for the forthcoming Yule Match , has been practicing blowing his golden referee’s whistle as well as reading the rules book. Sadly the “rules book” is just a few runes scribbled on a beer mat that time and ale have nearly obliterated. Noggin sighs as he contemplates the chaos to come…


  1. The ACW collection looks very nice and I'm glad you're getting the chance to enjoy them.
    Poor Noggin the Nog. Should have opted for cricket.

  2. Charming Noggin figures - full of character and mischief - love the “gas rattle” of the Uncle who has that devious Dick Dastardly look.

  3. We await the carnage with bated breath!

  4. We have also been trying out the Osprey ACW rules and enjoying the games. Still made some mistakes in our second game but getting there… they give a much quicker game with more troops than Pickett’s Charge

  5. The medieval football reminds me of Andy Callan's 'In the place of fear' very entertaining game about fighting in Papua New Guinea. The figures were mounted on upside down crown cork bottletops and flicked subuteo fashion. Miniature Wargames #11 for those who'd like to know more.

    1. Brian, I remember bottletop subbuteo wargames from Miniature Wargames 11 - John P at the Wargames Hermit blog recently featured this and I had a bash with poundstore figures on plastic milk bottle tops (in the absence of enough beer bottle tops). Links to John P website here

    2. I recently found my original forces of Airfix Indians mounted on bottletops and plan on having a game when I'm mobile again. It''ll be interesting to see if its as entertaining as I remember it. I'm pleased to see that the 'proper' bottle tops can still be bought though the Airfix Indians may be more of a challenge!

  6. I had the pleasure of running a shop in Ashbourne, Derbyshire where they still play a Shrovetide version of the medieval game. As it is played by large teams, with few rules, through the town centre the local council came round early in the morning to barricade the shop windows and everybody closed for the day. Watching from the first floor window was an experience, I can tell you.

  7. There are still a couple of towns in the West Country / Cornwall such as St Ives and St Columb Major where silver ball hurling takes place and the wise shopkeepers put the window and door shutters up!