Sunday, 12 April 2020

A question...

I have been looking in vain over the last few days for any references to games with zinnfiguren/ flats in Europe prior to World War One or in the interwar period. Was there anything like  H G Wells and/or the games of the early pioneers ( such a John Curry’s book talk of ) in Europe. One reason this question has come into my mind is I watched “Babylon Berlin “ episode seven this week, set in 1929 and it features a set up of toy soldiers in a flat albeit not wargaming at all but it set my mind going. I know that zinnfiguren are/were such a big thing in Germany but as to gaming I just don’t know. Any one got any information?


  1. Not heard of anything from this era , intriguing though .

  2. Have you seen this

    1. Thanks for this,I think it is new to me. Very interesting indeed, asks many questions re mechanics of the gaming rather than answering them but is quite a story. I feel there would be things to find out if only I had another language to a reasonable standard.

  3. I remember a recent article about wargamers/wargaming in occupied Paris, but the article did not describe any of the actual games or if figures were used.

  4. I would quite like to learn more about the approach to wargaming with flats on the continent. I suspect it was a very different style of play.

  5. You can find Pat Condray's translation of Foure's rules here: