Saturday, 18 April 2020

Blogger wah !

I was looking at others posts this morning and find some of their pictures missing and replaced with a white rectangle with a minus sign on it in a circle. I now found this on my blog here! Can you tell me what is going on and why!


  1. Mine seems to be working , although of little comfort to you I'm afraid .

  2. I saw this today on TMP
    A heads up..
    Seems some pics on the google Blog platform are being replaced with a minus sign..and this affects where they are cross posted, ie;forums and the like.
    Example of missing pics and the "minus" ones:
    They are trying to fix it

    Don´t try and replace any pics from previous posts, as at the moment they also go to the minus sign.

    I noticed last night on Palouse Wargaming Journal but when I checked today it was OK

  3. Thanks for the help. Still missing some pictures but hopefully they will sort it.

  4. See

    Not you... general issue.. :)

    Looks like it may be being fixed... few posts that I had issues with seeing are now showing pictures correctly..

  5. M.Foy of Prometheus in Aspic fame has experienced the same thing. See his blog post today.