Wednesday 22 April 2020

Crafty folk

I watched the channel four daily craft programme at 17:00 with Kirstie Allsopp with one of my daughters. The presenter engagingly and with skill demonstrates Crafts people can engage with using things they have around the house. I was impressed by the infectious enthusiasm and good ideas presented. She talked about the help that being engaged in such things can be, meditative and therapeutic. So true and true of our hobby too. One loses oneself in painting etc. We are lucky to have this hobby of ours.
Anyway ,enough of this musing. I had a very productive day in the garden ( although seeds planted seventeen days ago under glass have yet to do anything) as well as a useful rake in the shed. I was musing about the need for some militia types for the 1950s and found some figures including some I had been given by James from Australia some years ago. Here are some of them-
Very basic changes but interesting for me to try. The one on the left is the Britains figure from the job lot of a few posts ago. I have given him a Scaletrix head. I will paint up his battledress as overalls. The middle one is a Scalectrix photographer with a replacement metal head ( tin helmet found by him in the loft and pressed into service) and a rifle will be added. A local paper photographer recording events . The figure on the right is a modern Britains farmer with cane removed and metal head replacement. I will work on these today. I have one or two other civilians about but can’t find them. Any suggestions for other figures to use, particularly with a fifties vibe would be appreciated. I’m enjoying keeping hands busy and getting lost for sometime in another project.


  1. A bit of Arts & Crafts therapy is certainly good for the head!

  2. Hi Alan- most interesting 54mm conversions- look forward to seeing them painted up. Cheers. KEV.

  3. Thanks do the tip off re Kirsty Allsopp programme - has it got your household busy crafting? I shall have to see what Man craft makes it on to the programme?

  4. My eldest is dressmaking and patchwork quilting, still trying to persuade her sister...

    1. Forgot, her sister is cutting the box hedging beautifully moving on to a couple of box balls...