Thursday, 16 April 2020

Moving projects forward...

Having woken up to a dull Duchy this morning it is had to believe how lovely the weather was yesterday by lunchtime. I moved things forward a little...
The vice was set up outside to drill out the necks of the Crescent guardsmen I am using as the basis for my 1910 Duchy of Tradgardland army. It is so much easier and more enjoyable do such tasks now it’s the correct equipment. A unit of jäger was got ready as well as two Colonial units. I am at the stage of needing the metal heads prior to continuing work. I did undercoat some figures in pva as a starter. The army is being raised for a game at Woking 2021 as well as solo campaigning here. I am enjoying the simple conversion work greatly. A root around in the shed found the figures needed.
And now a quote from  Don Featherstone-

The zinnfiguren figures have spurred me to move towards making a map ,campaign, imagineering in the style of Tony Bath and Hyborea. The lockdown needs, for me, something exotic and totally ahistorical but most importantly fun. So throwing caution to the wind there will be Aztecs, Romans, Barbarians and more mixing together. Yesterday I came across a purchase from some years ago of twelve small semi flat figures. Here they  are with the flats . I feel they are fine together with their thinner, finer cousins-

I will use them as nomadic tribesmen. So that was a report on yesterday in the hobby here .Two things finally- don’t forget the 42 mm figures for sale , do you know anyone who would like them , well let them know,thanks. Finally a very happy 80th birthday to Queen Margarethe II of Denmark from everyone here in Tradgardland,huzzah!


  1. The horsemen go very well with the Roman figures in my opinion!
    Nice to be able to work outside.

    1. It was nice but very cold today, only out for a brisk exercise walk pm.

  2. Alan, have you seen the reprints of Battle for Wargamers Hyborian articles?