Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Airfix figures conversions articles?

I am sure I have seen on someone’s blog  the Airfix Annual article about converting Japanese into Italian ww2 scanned in , but where? Can anyone help?


  1. It is not this article but the Vintage Wargaming blog is very good on reprints. Also Ask Chris at NQM Not Quite Mechanised blog as western desert is his thing.

    There are still OOHO Airfix Italian Infantry around on eBay , not a bad set. The 1:32 ones are usually gold dust.

    I have also found a stash of 50 Airfix Magazines archive free online at from the 1960s and 70s with many R.C. O 'Brien Airfix figure conversion articles, many famous names including Featherstone, Terry Wise and George Gush articles - I have the original magazine copies for the Seven weeks War conversions. Enjoy[]=subject%3A%22airfix+magazine%22

  2. Found it

  3. Loads of interesting information Mark, I have found some Italians in the shed yesterday in the form of Japanese Airfix figures. Will explore later today. Thanks for tracking the article down.

  4. Fantastic link to the old Airfix Magazines Mark!