Monday, 20 April 2020

Spruce up

Worked on these figures yesterday. I put the Airfix  light machine gun figure on a coin to make him fit in more and painted him up in a similar way. I retained the black and silver guns as they came that way.A little spruce up, gaiters,webbing, packs painted etc prior to covering in pva. I darkened down the helmet covers too.
A little TLC whilst retaining the toy soldier factory feel about them. More on the way...


  1. A nice instant unit, the Airfix chap blends right in.

  2. I remember having some of these figures when a child , nice to see them rejuvenated again .

  3. Very nice Tradgardmastare - are they going into action soon, and against who?

  4. The penny Tuppeny bases work really well. I have the late 50s Infantry Training Manual that was in use when my Dad was a National Serviceman, the illustrations are pure Herald troops. Will have to dig this out and post the illustrations.

    1. I ran out of 2p bases so some are on 10p ones, decadent ! I would like to see such illustrations. I had some CCF manuals from the mid seventies from my cadet days,,I must rummage for them. I was encouraged by your comment to go and watch some late fifties Pathe news army related footage. It was great - hover sledges etc, worth a view.

  5. Excellent! Always had a soft spot for the Herald figs. (didn't have them myself as a kid, Crescent instead) but I used to see them in the store.