Tuesday 25 August 2020

A smaller manufacturer- Doug Miller 1525.

Here is another excellent manufacturer, in this case of 40mm figures, well worth supporting.
Here is the cardboard box the figures come in and the set unboxed.

Beautifully made figures, compatible with Elastolin 40mm and others, which are a joy to paint. Not only is Doug a great author and manufacturer but he is also a great person to deal with. Email enquires and orders are swiftly and efficiently dealt with. Pop over to his site and have a look...


  1. Excellent post highlighting some attractive figures from a smaller niche manufacturer - Doug Miller has an interesting website.
    Now - From resisting the sublime of Doug Millers 40mm figures back to the cheaply ridiculous - hacking up milk cartons to make a Pound Store Plastic Warriors steampunk landship, as you suggested ...

  2. I love those figure! Just need a good reason to buy them.