Saturday 15 August 2020

Inspiration old and new

When I moved years ago I had to get rid of loads of wargaming magazines etc. This was due to space considerations. I did keep two bound volumes of Miniature Wargames. One mainly for the article below “Landsknechts in Devon”  an evocative title if ever I heard one. Now Helion have brought a new book out about the period. Sounds like a call to arms! Probably 40mm using “Rough Wooing “ now time to wait for the Helion book to come and have a wee think. Autumn plans may be coming together...


  1. I remember that article. I think that there were a few rebellions in that period so plenty of scope to move around the country.

    1. Not to mention foreign mercenaries at the siege of Haddington in Scotland...

  2. An interesting subject. I'm pretty sure mercenary landsnechts were part of the royal army sent to crush Kett's Rebellion in Norfolk.

  3. I still have the article, having saved it for years hoping that one day I would have the figures to play out the three scenarios. Yet another reason to start collecting 40mm 16th century figures!