Sunday 30 August 2020


                                           Thanks for your kind words, thoughts and prayers.


  1. Curious painting / illustration. Tell us more about it one day. Hope you and your daughters are all well.

    1. I had an icon written for me by an icon painter. I liked the tradition in 15th Century Netherlandish paintings of having the patron and members of his family in the painting. So I asked the icon writer to include us in the work. I sent photos and she worked from that. Hence Jan ,the girls and I are in the bottom right hand corner.

  2. Thanks Alan for the explanation, this is a lovel, focussed and calming 'always together' idea. I hope you all have the very best day you can have today.

    I know a cheerful Cornish painter called John Dyer who always includes himself and his family / children as lively leaping figures in any of his colourful landscape scenes as part of his trademark / signature motif, even as they have all grown up now.

  3. Nice touch Alan, that really makes it so much more personal and memorable. Cheers Greg

  4. Lovely painting Alan. My thoughts are with wishes Mike

  5. You and the girls are in my thoughts Alan. Take care my friend. Phil