Sunday 2 August 2020

Saturday a studying daughter

Imagine the scene, daughter number one finishing her dissertation in the sitting room ( still days to go) and she finds the room door has stuck completely and will not open. Panic initially but eventually through a baroque sequence of events I managed to open it with hammer and paint scraper. Relief all round but not what a studying daughter needed, not to mention her father.
And onto hobby matters-
I found these in a box today completely forgotten about. Can anyone identify them? 
Main hobby task of the day was fixing 54mm figures onto their new acrylic bases-

Looking forward to seeing how they look outside. Already I am pleased that they look the part on any surface as noticeable in the above photo. This will work well with the winter white cloth and the green one.


  1. The stuck door sounds like something you can have a good chuckle about after the fact. :)

  2. Any reason the door stuck? Excess of PVA being applied?

  3. The Algerian tirailleurs look to be by CGB Mignot, the packs and clumpy rifles would date them to about 1930's