Sunday, 2 August 2020


Today saw my youngest becoming twenty three. We celebrated with a bbq in the garden.
Finished off the Catalans except for painting the bases , looked for some figures unsuccessfully in the lead pile and that was about it hobby wise. Durrells on tv provided a glimpse of warmer climes. Finally an enjoyable article from a toy soldier magazine I came across today about encouraging a new generation in the hobby-


  1. A nice way to spend a summer day and celebrate a birthday! Cheers Greg

  2. Interesting article. The challenge of the greying of the hobby ...
    Affordable good figures, not badly moulded Pound Store plastics ...
    Simple rules
    Short games
    Somewhere maybe a computer programme to tie the campaigns together ...
    Not too much worry about the historical accuracy ...

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Mark has been reading my mind!

  4. Hi Alan- Great to see you and your Daughter enjoying a Birthday BBQ. It is a bit cool here for enjoying an outdoor Lunch - though it won't be long until we swelter in Summer heat. Stay well there in Scotland. Cheers. KEV.

  5. Nice way to spend a Sunday Alan. Family time. Hobby time. And Keeley Hawes on the telly.